Tooth-Extraction Menu

After having a tooth extracted you’re going to want to be very kind to your mouth.

Stick to liquid or soft foods that aren’t too hot or too cold while you recover.

Here are some things that are safe (and tasty!) to eat after you’ve had a tooth removed:

  • Refried beans and guacamole: skip the chips and add guac directly to your beans
  • Milkshakes: try making a milkshake using mashed frozen bananas or yogurt as a healthier, tooth-friendly alternative!
  • Soups: brothy soups that don’t need to be chewed are going to be incredibly soothing
  • Mashed potatoes: make sure they’re nice and smooth without too many lumps
  • Smoothies: avoid fruits with seeds and blend up your favorite fruits and greens
  • Jello: whether it’s the original gelatin or pudding, both will be a relief
  • Eggs: a nice, soft meal with lots of protein. Add in some shredded cheese for a dose of probiotics!
  • Instant oatmeal: avoid steel-cut oats as they will be too tough to swallow whole
  • Well-cooked pasta: mac and cheese is soft and filling

Here are a few things you definitely want to avoid after your tooth extraction:

  • Roasted vegetables, bread, and meat: If you have chew it, it should be avoided.
  • Straws: Drink your smoothies, milkshakes, and everything else without using a straw. The suction from using a straw can dislodge the blood clot in your extraction site that prevents dry socket which can cause infection not to mention lots of unnecessary pain.
  • Seeds, nuts, chips, crackers: If it crunches you don’t want it anywhere near your mouth.
  • Spicy foods: Too much spice in your foods right now can cause stinging and burning in your mouth around the extraction site which isn’t something anyone wants to deal with.


Do yourself a favor and stock up on your groceries before your procedure- no one wants to shop while they’re grogey!