Pre-Surgery Checklist

  1. Ask questions:
    Take a moment to write down any questions you have for your doctor or our team so you get all the answers you need before your procedure.
  2. If you haven’t already, give our practice a call to schedule your surgery.
    You can also chat with us through our website (click in the bottom right corner to get started) or head over to our Facebook to begin a chat.
  3. Do your shopping before you come in:
    Get stocked up on all the things you’ll need, like mashed potatoes, ice cream, jello, soups, and smoothies.
  4. Get a ride:
    If your procedure involves anesthesia or sedation, you’ll need someone to be present during your procedure and give you a safe ride home.
  5. The night before:
    Beginning fasting at midnight the night before your surgery. We will be unable to perform your procedure if you have not fasted for at least 6 hours prior.
    If you take medications in the morning, you can take with a small sip of water unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

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